The Joys of Marriage - Jewel

Here's the perfect gift for the one you love, the person you've chosen to be with for the rest of your life... More than 200 of the most wonderful things ever written about marriage and being in love. Enjoy!


Marriage - the great gift celebrates the joys of marriage; the friendship and love it brings to two people and the life-long strength and support it provides. Helen Exley has built up her collection of
quotes on the themes of love and marriage over twenty years. 

Here, in this little book of 368 pages, are the very best thoughts on the value of marriage. 

We hope you enjoy this special gift!


Our Jewel series is just that, little jewels - a perfect gift for someone special. This series are bound by hand, and come with a sturdy cardboard slip-case. Adorable and precious little gifts. Despite their size, these books are real little gems!


This series is a best seller in 34 languages

The Joys of Marriage - Jewel

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  • 63mm (h) x 48mm (w) 368 pages with slipcase