Inspiration for Today's Working Woman

Inspiration is incredibly encouraging. Add to your skills, make your own choices, your own decisions - go for it! As a woman, whatever your daily tasks, this little book is for you.


"Inspirations was conceived, illustrated, researched and mostly written by women, to inspire women everywhere to believe in their strengths, to dare to break boundaries, to be dedicated, and to grow. It’s not just for office workers and high flyers.

While creating this book, I was aware of the millions of women battling poverty or war, protecting their families, doing the most menial jobs, between them doing sixty percent of the world’s work. I hope this encourages women to stand tall, recognise what we do, and be proud."

Helen Exley


Our Jewel series is just that, little jewels - a perfect gift for someone special. This series are bound by hand, and come with a sturdy cardboard slip-case. Adorable and precious little gifts. Despite their size, these books are real little gems!


This series is a best seller in 34 languages

Inspiration for Today's Working Woman

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  • 63mm (h) x 48mm (w) 240 pages with slipcase