Golf! It's only a game...

An incredible treasure trove of 191 golfing jokes and quotes.

The perfect gift for golfers! 


Helen Exley published the first of her golf books over fifteen years ago and she loves the sharp wit  of golf writing. Illustrated with pictures from Helen’s own private collection, It’s only a game! is the newest addition to her golf range which has sold almost two million copies worldwide and includes  such hugely popular titles as A Round of Golf Jokes, Golf Quotations and Golf A Good Walk  spoiled.


Our Jewel series is just that, little jewels - a perfect gift for someone special. This series are bound by hand, and come with a sturdy cardboard slip-case. Adorable and precious little gifts. Despite their size, these books are real little gems!


This series is a best seller in 34 languages

Golf! It's only a game...

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  • 63mm (h) x 48mm (w) 368 pages with slipcase