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7 tips for being a really kind Santa Claus

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Buying great gifts isn’t easy. If it was, the charity shops wouldn’t be bulging with unwanted gifts taken to them in the days following Christmas.
And it would be a lot easier if the recipients weren’t always saying “Oh don’t get me anything. I’ve got everything I need”.

Basically, most people give gifts because they want to reach out to people they love and admire. They want to say what they may sometimes find it hard to find the words to say: “You’re a great person, I’m thinking of you and I really want you to know I love you”. And if that’s the basic reason, a shirt or a pair of socks hardly cuts the mustard.

So here are a few things that need to be off the gift list – boxes of chocolate (fattening), bottles of booze (not exactly a gift of health or love), clothing, unless you know absolutely the size, colour and the style.

And here are seven things that DO make great gifts.

Try and solve one of the person’s problems

If they’re sad, try and get something that makes them smile. If they’re overworked, try and get something that really makes them relax. They may need some inspiration, or maybe something full of sympathy. When the gift is right, you’ll be proud to give it, and it will be really appreciated.

Write a thoughtful letter with the gift

We’re not all great letter writers, but try and do a bit better than “Happy Christmas, love Peter”. Pour a bit of yourself into a short note, recalling some lovely times in the past, things you’ve both shared and enjoyed.

Give something that strengthens the relationship between the giver and the recipient

Think through the things you have in common. If it’s gardening, it’s gardening gifts, if it’s classical music then there’s your clue.

Give something that involves both parties

Promise the recipient you’ll go with them on a visit to the theatre, the cinema, a favourite restaurant or the seaside..

Choose a gift that goes on giving

Good books solve a lot of problems, because there seems to be a book on almost every subject under the sun. You have to search, but if you find a really appropriate book, the thought and care you’ve put into your search will be obvious.

Find a gift that will be treasured

These are not always the easiest gifts to find. But one kind of gift that works for lots of people is a collection of inspirational quotations with a page for each day of the year. These are something like permanent calendars, without days of the week, so they’re timeless, and can be revisited for years and years. And if you want a gift like this to be really personal, go through it before you give it and mark your 10 favourite quotations with Post-It notes and comments like ‘This reminds me so much of our love because…’. You can be sure then that this is one gift will be truly treasured.

Above make sure you give gifts of real quality and value

The more the quality shines through, the more the recipient will feel loved and appreciated.

Now that you have the right set of tools - go find the perfect gifts >>

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