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Helen Exley® London has been creating beautiful, thoughtful gift books since 1976. We now supply books, gifts and stationery to customers in 70 countries, in 49 different languages. 


Every item that we produce is designed to be special – a joy to give and to receive - with a thoughtful message of “I love you” or “thanks for everything”, or simply “I saw this…and thought of you”. 


Our products are designed to provide a gift for all occasions, for all    gift-giving opportunities, for all people.  


With these gifts, people can express their feelings, thoughts and emotions, and above all, give pleasure and happiness. We work constantly to bring a little happiness and warmth to people’s lives and to enhance their relationships.


As Gift Book Publishers we believe that each book should be beautifully illustrated, with thoughtful, loving and inspirational messages that make each book a joy to give and a pleasure to receive, each Helen Exley® book is made with commitment and real skill. 

 "The need for people to give gifts to loved ones can be as  strong as the need to buy bread. People love to say ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I’m thinking of you!’ to their  family, friends and colleagues. 
It can be so hard to find just the right words to say these things."
- Helen Exley, C.E.O

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