English Language Export

Join with us and become a Helen Exley Distributor in your country.

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The Export team have been working with our distributors and chains around the

world, for over 30 years.


We now sell the books through our customers in over 70 countries around the world.

The books can be sold in various outlets, from the traditional bookstores, to gift

stores, department stores, garden centres and tourist attractions. With over 250

books in print and in stock, you can be sure to meet the gift giving needs of your


We will pack your order ready for shipping and will arrange to deliver to your UK

Freight forwarder from our warehouse in Somerset. 

At Helen Exley® LONDON we have spent many years and 

thousands of pounds developing a whole range of

wonderful displays to help you maximise your sales,

and your profits.

Talk to our team and find out how you can get involved

and spread the happiness with Helen Exley® LONDON.

Why not browse through our titles, click here to view our

online catalogue



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