Co Edition

Become a leading force in our country by teaming up with our experts.

The Co Edition team have been working with our partners abroad for over 30 years. They travel the globe to visit co-partners at their offices and to international trade fairs. 


Our giftbooks have been translated into over 40 languages, so you can have

complete confidence in the universal appeal of our books.  The books can be

sold in various outlets, from the traditional bookstores, to gift stores, 

department stores, garden centres and tourist attractions.

You can count on our excellent print times 

and quality production and service. our highly

specialized print buying ensures the highest 

value whilst keeping costs to a minimum. 

This enables you sell these books at an 

affordable price, whilst still keeping a good

margin for yourself.

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Department Store, Spain
Bookshop, Croatia

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Bookshop, Norway